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  • Within the Universal Family of Nations, France is called the “eldest daughter”, a name which simply expresses her spiritual vocation: her role as “big sister”. The history of France has been largely built on its incredible spiritual adventure. We invite you to discover with us extraordinary places where, over time, extraordinary witnesses have had the privilege of touching the Invisible. Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Marseille, Sainte-Baume, Lyon, Sainte-Anne-d'Auray, Mont-Saint-Michel, Vézelay, Pontmain, Lourdes, Pellevoisin, Nevers, La Salette, Notre- Dame-du-Laus, Tarascon, Cotignac, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvres, Lisieux, L'Île-Bouchard, Reims, Tours, Orléans, Chartres, Paray-le-Monial, Le Puy, Saint-Denis, Paris .. so many astonishing and precious places of grace that will surely help you to take a new look at life. Teaser:
  • The story begins in Herzegovina. At the time when all children dream of becoming pilots or firemen,  Jozo wants only one thing: to become a priest! His dream comes true, and he commits himself tirelessly to the spreading of what is the centre of his life: the Word of God.....
  • Transferred to the Parish of Medjugorje in 1982, one year after the start of the apparitions, Father Slavko Barbarić was one of the most prominent and luminous figures, out of all the priests, who supported the visionaries and who welcomed the pilgrims. A specialist in religious education and in psychotherapy, this brilliant Franciscan burned with an immense love for his neighbor. He spent his whole life developing the influence of Medjugorje and explaining the messages of the Queen of Peace. He understood most especially the meaning of prayer with the heart, and faith with the heart. Format Kindle
  • Medjugorje is a phenomenon that has lasted for 30 years and is still unfolding!  It is as if doubts, unbelief were urging even more millions of people to come for a pilgrimage to this place. The six visionaries were still children on June 24, 1981 when the Virgin Mary appeared to them. They are married adults today and also parents who continue to testify their encounters with the Virgin Mary...

  • It is quite probable that nowhere else in the world, as has been the case in Herzegovina, have the Franciscans adopted so literally and sincerely the ideals of St. Francis. Here, together with their people, they have carried the heavy cross on which these countries have been crucified throughout history.

  • Six people form Herzegovina have testified for thirty years that they have regular or periodic appearances of the Virgin Mary. Who are these four women and two men and why were they chosen to be, in Medjugorje, mediators between Heaven and mankind?

  • The prophet Jeremiah said long ago: «The human heart is complicated and sick» (Jr 17: 9).

  • Children of Medjugorje, for the children of the world Format Kindle
  • This is the holy story of Georgette Faniel, called Mimi by her friends, who was born in 1915 and died in Montreal on 2nd July 2002 at the age of 86. It deals with interior expressions coming from the Father, of invisible stigmata from the Son, of an Alliance and Angels, of Mary and Medjugorje, of nostalgia for God, and tears, of the night of Faith and of joy in the Holy Spirit.

    All this seems indeed extraordinary, but (...) all we have to seek here is one thing: a little flame of love, as the mystic John of the Cross would have said, having the dancing holiness of a Little Theresa, the singing humility of the Poor Little Man of Assisi. Mimi the musician rose herself up to see nothing but God, giving up her music to become, herself, a composition of the Trinity. She relied totally on her own faith to reply with confidence to God’s will for her life: «I make the vow to believe in all that God requires of me, which I don’t always understand but which I accept totally… out of love!» Beware! This book is a ball of fire!

    Jacques Gauthier, poet and theologian

  • - Tell me once again what you do in life?

    - I am an organizer of pilgrimages to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a place where the Virgin Mary has been appearing every day since June 1981.

    I restrained myself from bursting out laughing faced with the puzzled look of my interviewer and noting once again that it is not easy to explain why, since September 1989, I dedicated my life to the Virgin Mary in a place where unexplained and inexplicable events take place, where six visionaries say they have been communicating for years, every day, with Heaven.

    My encounter with Medjugorje was a turning point in my life, but it did not happen by accident. Neither you nor I are where we are by accident at the present moment. Life is a wonderful adventure if only we take the trouble to really live and not just accept our fate.

    As a young girl, I wanted to study psychology and theology, but I only managed to attend a school for tourism. However, I could not sit idly by waiting for the world to change itself; I wanted to actively participate in saving the world. So I organized tours!

    Additionally, I want to share with you this unusual journey; I want to tell you about the country where I was born and which I love so much. And above all, I want you to meet these men and women who heard the call of the Virgin Mary and who answered positively.

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  • Preface:

    I admit that I devoured Sabrina Covic Radojicic’s book with enormous sympathy, provoked mainly by the quality of its content, and not frstly by my friendship with the author. Te book presents, through interviews, a ‘seer’ of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo. The first thing that one expects from a ‘seer’ of Mary is that she has actually ‘seen’ Our Lady. Having read this book, I have every reason to believe that Mirjana has ‘seen’ Mary. However, it is not for me to say it as if it has been a proven thing. It’s not within my jurisdiction....

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